Online Bingo Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • Jan 23, 2021

The history of bingo dates back hundred of years ago. The popularity of game has extended borders while bringing together many players. The simple nature of the game makes it a hit for mot players. Online bingo suits all types of players from different walks of life from beginners to experts. Do you need a online bingo strategy to help you pull off a win from the casino? Here are tips and tricks to help you with online bingo.

Time Targetting

Timing the time of your play with online casino goes a long way in determining your winning potential with online bingo. Slot games operate with the system where the more the players at the casino, the more the jackpot. However, with online bingo, the case is completely different. The overall jackpot will not increase or decrease depending on how many players are playing online bingo. Therefore, you need to time your playing time slots.

Your best bet at the online casino is targeting a time where they are less opponents playing. Why is this important? It increases your odds of coming off as a winner in the game. What makes the perfect time to try out online bingo? First off, you should target weekdays when most players are engaged with work. Another perfect time is odd hours of the night where most players are in deep slumber.

Purchasing More Bingo Cards

Depending on one bingo card to win at online bingo is a wide stretch. Even if you are extremely lucky, the chances of winning on your first bingo card purchase are out of this world. Most winners of online bingo had to make various purchases of bingo cards before landing on their winning ticket. Do not feel extremely lucky to try your luck on only one bingo card, as this will only be misusing your bankroll.

What Will More Bingo Cards Do?

The fact that you have more bingo cards means in case the first rounds does not fall on your side, you have another round. Having several bingo cards on your hands increases the probability of landing on a winning ticket even if it takes several rounds. In case the numbers are called out and it is not on your card, you have hope that the other cards could carry the winning numbers at the casino.

  • Create a budget
  • Stick to your budget

How to Buy More Bingo Cards

Since having more bingo cards in your hands increases your odds of winning, you need a full proof strategy to get you through. You need a large bankroll by your side to make the investments worth it. The first step is cashing in on the welcome bonuses when signing up to the online casino. Most online casinos offer attractive bonus offers to players signing up to play online bingo at their preferred casino.

How to Choose Bingo Cards

There is much you can do with the bongo cards you receive from the casino. When purchasing the bingo cards, it is advisable to opt for ones with strips and individual cards when purchasing. You should steer away from the cards that have numbers bundled up together. Furthermore, you should go for average numbers on your cards that range between 1 to 90. Balance between the high ranking and low ranking numbers at the casino.

Socialize With Other Players

The best part out the online bingo rooms is that they are not boring. You get a hint of what other players are doing during the game. There are private chat rooms which are part of the overall interface at the casino. These chat rooms make it possible for other players to socialize with each other while playing online bingo. The fact that you are not pitched against the other players, it creates a form of friendship with other players.

  1. Do not discuss your strategy and numbers
  2. Search for offers

It is important to note that the chat rooms do not increase your odds of winning online bingo. What is the essence of these chat rooms if not winning? The chat rooms are filled with random prizes which the players can claim. The random prizes are completely random from the rest of the online bingo game. The chat moderator at the casino announces any available competitions or prizes for the players through the chat rooms.

Develop a Strategy

Just like other online casino games need a strategy to pull off a win, it is the same way you need one with online bingo. Even though online bingo majorly depends on your lady luck, having a solid strategy gives you an edge over the house. A strategy ensures you fit your game play and style in devising a means of beating the house. There are various online bingo strategies you can adopt for your game.

Tippett Bingo Strategy

British statistician Tippett is behind the development of this strategy applied in online bingo. Tippett aims at improving the odds of winning the game. The strategy suggests in a longer game of 75 ball bingo, there is a likelihood that the balls will be drawn close to the medium winning number of 38. Furthermore, he added that in a short game of online bingo, the likelihood that the numbers drawn will be closer between the number one and 75.

Granville Bingo Strategy

Another popular strategy in online casinos which most players take with online bingo is Granville’s strategy. The strategy is popular with its applicability making it part of the stock market analysis. It is used by experts in creating a pattern for predicting the flow of prices. The theory suggests on some basic card check rules which increases the winning chances in online bingo. This includes have the same number of high and lows and even and odds numbers.

Creating Different Patterns

The use of one line and full house winning patterns are common with online bingo. There is a strategy used for online bingo that reward players with unusual patterns. This ranges from specific to seasonal patterns for the operator. Another pattern is using a simple pattern. It is advised to use the pattern to give an edge over the house. It is also advised to familiarize with your common patterns used in online bingo.


Don’t Lose Your Mind

The best gambling tactic you can adopt at the casino is setting a limit. Setting limits help you in controlling your gambling behavior. Just like in any game, there are common wins and losses with online bingo. In case you have a losing streak from online bingo, it is advised to walk away from the online casino. Setting limits at the casino covers you when you are having a bad day at the online casino.

Determining Odds

When it comes to online bingo, it is simple to know the number of cards that are in play. This makes the big difference between the online bingo version and the traditional bingo hall. Common sites offer a list of numbers cards that are played. This is often close to where the prizes are being listed. Having knowledge of this number will help you in figuring out your odds of winning at the online casino

In order to achieve this, you can start by simply dividing the number of cards with the total numbers of cards played by other players, In case you 20 cards, and 100 cards are being played, this means your winning chances are 5%. It is important to note that this method cannot be applied with online progressive jackpots. Read through the variances of the online bingo game first to get a hint of your winning percentages.

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